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Review - Mastermind Creations R-24 Turben

"D'you realize who I am? I'm the Autobot who lands the final punch. I'm the Autobot who leaves you twitching in the dust. I'm the Autobot who decides whether you live or die. I'm a force of nature. An apocalypse on legs. A brutal symphony of sound and fury."

Gallery - Mastermind Creations Kultur, Cynicus, and Anarchus

"This is the D.J.D. We bring you good news and bad news. The bad news: One of your number has transgressed. He knows who he is. The good news: If you hand him over we'll let the other six of you watch while we kill him. You have 15 minutes to work out where your loyalties lie."

Mini Review - Mastermind Creations R-19 Kultur

"If you want to break someone—mentally, physically, emotionally—wait until they're happy. Let them live and love and thrive. Once they recognize the value of a life well lived... THAT'S when you move in for the kill. Because you can't take anything from someone who has nothing to lose."